Once Upon a Time There Was a King


Donations at the library are funny. When a new rabidly-awaited title comes out there are HUGE waiting lists for the very small number of copies we have in our system (we're poor - don't ask). After the requests have all been filled or canceled due to people buying their own copies, we start getting those best-sellers as donations. First they trickle in and are madly added to the collection to fill holds. Then a few more come in and we use them to replace the too-soon dead copies we have. Then we get in millions.

This happened with John Grisham's The King of Torts. A few years ago we began noticing that we were getting several copies of this book in donations.  Just when you thought you'd gotten rid of the three or five just put on the table, another dozen would show up. We were starting to send them to Goodwill and then my co-worker began piling them secretly in my office. I was out on the reference desk one day when I came back to my office to find a stack of seventeen of these babies teetering precariously in the middle of the floor.  I think we got up to over thirty before the floods eased...

Since that idyllic time, both that co-worker and I have been transferred to other branches and departments. Marcus (said co-worker) is now the bibliographic librarian for our system. I felt his office needed a little spiffing up. At the last big book sale by the Friends, they had a cart with books marked FREE! This little gem was there and I grabbed it quick and made a present for Marcus.

I quickly made this up for him as a reminder of those fun times before we grew up and had the responsibilities we each enjoy now.

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