Happy Dance

Well, I did it. I listed my tutorial in my etsy shop.

And it sold.

I am going to buy a bouquet of flowers for myself tomorrow night. Because that's what you do with your first sale.


Melanie said…
Congratulations and enjoy the flowers!
Caroline Armijo said…
I hope that you repost the tutorial. I would like to buy it, too.
Allyson said…
Congrats sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather Eddy said…
I just saw on Etsy that I can copy a listing so that I have several for sale at once. I've done it now and have a couple. I'll do more later during my lunch hour... That way it will be available for whosoever wants it.

And Caroline, your stuff is soooooo beautiful on your blog! Thanks!
Caroline Armijo said…
Thank you, Heather! I appreciate that.

I am going to look for your tutorial now. I am very excited.
RoMo said…
So many congratulations! Way to go.

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