Paper Rose Wreath

It didn't seem like six days, but it WAS six looooooong days since I made paper roses. (Go to Crafting With Intention for directions. Sameh is verrah funneh and maketh me to laugh.) They are really beautiful. Plain, but beautiful. I made a million and they sat on my dining room table for all that time. I was trying to figure out how to seal them because my project was going to be in the bathroom and might (if I am lucky) feel the effects of long, hot showers.

Disgusting, no?
So, I dipped a couple in PVA. Bad move. Don't do it. They be really ugly-lookin'. See here:

Ugly, huh? Moldy-looking with boogers to boot. Not really, but it doesn't look pleasant and I am a pleasant person. Most of the time.

So, I decided, just make the darn wreath - you know how to use a glue gun. I glued a bunch of paper roses to a 12" rattan-type wreath. Then I took them outside (in the cold) and sprayed them with clear sealant. (Mmmm... smells good! There go a few more brain cells...)

Then I glued a ribbon on it and some screen to the back to make:

The earrings hanging in the center read: Happy Holidays

TA DA! A paper rose wreath earring holder! No longer will my earrings be stuck in a little drawer (that green thing on the left of the picture). They will be all together, in pairs, tarnishing equally...

And in Tutorial News: Thirteen samples finished (I made a mistake - big surprise - with how many I needed to make) and these bad boys are all that are left for me to make.

I might get this done in my lifetime!


Melanie said…
I have to laugh at the moldy comment. That is exactly what it looks like!
Nancy said…
Heather I have no doubt that you will finish your tutorial. I went to our library book sale recently and bought about a dozen Readers Digest Condensed books (I think you once said that they are what you used when doing your book art), they are all now waiting for me to start folding. As usual, I love what you did with the paper roses. It feels so good to repurpose items and not just recycle them.

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