Sunday Night Art (and the missing tooth)

Kenneth is going to grow up to be a siren. He is LOUD! I spent a lot of my day running away from him when my ears started ringing with the ever-present noise.

For about a half an hour, I was going around the house trying to find all of my painting stuff. Some of it was in Kenzie's room (where it was all *supposed* to be) and I found the rest of it in a box in the garage (I also found that I have several more boxes of old books that "look cool" - what am I going to DO with them? How do I justify their existence?).

Next, to the kitchen to get a cup for water. Then into my room. Kenneth followed me (AGAIN!!!!) and I made him get his crayons if he wanted to be with me (he did it!).

I like the light in there... I painted for about 10 minutes - all I could handle after the energy I spent putting it together. Perhaps more tomorrow...


RoMo said…
It's a start! And yes, I can understand the difficulty. Especially with children following you around.
April Hajek said…
Where did you find his tooth?
Heather Eddy said…
His tooth was under the table. I wasn't expecting to find a fang! It was heavy, too. Weird.

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